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Nora and Angela, two designer moms from New York City, created Korissa to inspire consumers to shop consciously. Korissa provides high-quality products that are socially and environmentally responsible. Purchasing any of the unique amazing handcrafted products supports and benefits artisans in low-income communities. Fair wages ensure that education, health care and new possibilities are available to these communities.

Fair Trade – Handmade – Women Owned – Eco-friendly – Social Good – Small Batch


Neepa Hut

NEEPA HUT is a social enterprise that sells woven home accessories and crafts handmade by communities of weavers in Southeast Asia. Our mission is to preserve and promote the traditional skills, crafts, and heritage of artisans from areas affected by natural disasters, poverty, or over development. Jennifer Shum Abelev is the Los Angeles-based social entrepreneur behind Neepa Hut. Her desire to make a positive impact was sparked by spending time with artisan communities in Southeast Asia. Seeing the women practice their respective crafts, she was struck by their ingenuity and perseverance, despite their humble surroundings. Motherhood, for her, took on a new significance after spending time with these women. Consequently, she traded her career in finance for a new challenge, focused on preserving the heritage of Southeast Asia artisans through Neepa Hut. The crafts of our artisans shape the social fabric of their villages and helps them provide for their children and families. It is their sense of community and togetherness that Jennifer hopes to extend through Neepa Hut’s products. Our values are inspired by the artisans’ dedication to the traditional methods of their crafts and their commitment to the sustainability of their land and its natural products. All of our goods are carefully selected, of premium quality, handmade and locally sourced in fair trade. Our vendors themselves come from the communities that create our specially chosen collections.

Fair Trade – Organic – Handmade – Eco-friendly – Social Good – Small Batch



Founder Pia Rappaport-Goldman brings her playful and uncomplicated style to the table where form and function both have equal seating. Her fine and commercial art education, coupled with her background building archives for major fashion designers, translates into an aesthetic that is enduring, transportive, and deeply rooted in nostalgia.

Organic – Handmade – Women Owned – Eco-friendly – Small Batch


The Cotton & Canvas Co.

Located in Southern California, our company specializes and manufactures trendy lifestyle and gift products printed on high quality 100% cotton and canvas material. No matter the occasion, our stylish products make perfect gifts for friends and family! Each product is hand-designed and printed in the United States.

Made in America – Handmade – Women Owned – Eco-friendly


Les Crème

Hi! My name is Daniel Summers, and I created this business (a bit by chance) after meeting my now-husband, Tyler. At the time, he suffered terribly with acne. As anyone with acne can attest, it took a daily physical as well as emotional toll. I wanted to and believed I could help him, so we set about experimenting with home remedies, new doctors and holistic treatments. After countless failed attempts, my mother gifted us a hand-crafted soap bar. Funny enough, we’d never tried one! We loved that the ingredients were so much more simple than other “beauty bars” we’d tested but didn’t love one of its primary ingredients—lard. Yes, pig fat. This was our “aha” moment. We finally realized that if we wanted the perfect product, we were going to have to make it ourselves. I spent months learning, researching and experimenting with different combinations. I focused on gentle plant oil and vegan ingredients whenever possible. My first “finished” formula was amazingly (and shockingly) a success! Tyler’s acne began to clear, and my own skin was smoothing and softening. It didn’t take long for people to notice Tyler’s skin and confidence improve, and that’s when they began asking for details! That is also when Les Creme was born. In the years that have followed, we’ve added more soaps and scents, skincare options, luxe lotions and clean candles. I am proud to say that we remain dedicated to handcrafting products that contain no animal fats, are cruelty free and are formulated with the highest quality botanical ingredients. Thank you for visiting our shop and taking the time to discover the Les Creme difference.

Made in America – Fair Trade – Organic – Handmade – Non-GMO – Eco-friendly – Social Good – Small Batch



Hilana was founded 3 years ago by two designer friends, who in search of a purpose decided to take upcycling to another level by closing the cotton loop. Behind every yarn there is a story of sustainability, responsibility and passion for the planet.

Fair Trade – Handmade – Non-GMO – Eco-friendly – Social Good


Atelier 880

Minimally packaged and understated, our candles add the finishing touch that makes a beautifully designed space feel like home. Our scent collection offers a curious twist on the familiar that can uplift your spirits, help you relax, or transform your space with an air of luxurious mystery. Our candles are hand poured in small batches in Chicago using 100% domestically grown soy wax. We use cotton braided wicks primed with vegetable wax, and phthalate free essential oils and fragrance oils sourced from around the world. We do not use dyes, preservatives or wax additives. Our 7.5 oz candle has a burn time of 40-50 hours with proper care.

Made in America – Fair Trade – Organic – Handmade – Eco-friendly – Small Batch