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2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue

It has been stated that the color of 2020 is going to be classic blue!  Nothing too exciting by the sound of it, but I can see the appeal as I've recently found myself more attuned to the color lately.  What are your thoughts?  Are you feeling classic this year so far?  I'm interested in your thoughts and any pictures of your classic blue decor, feel free to tag us on Instagram (@thecozyhomebody.llc) and use #thecozyhomebody and #thecozyhomebodyllc.  


Photo Credit: Courtesy of HGTV (https://www.hgtv.com/shopping/news-and-trends/trend-forecast--2020-colors-of-the-year-pictures)

Photo credit: Courtesy of HGTV (https://www.hgtv.com/shopping/news-and-trends/trend-forecast--2020-colors-of-the-year-pictures)

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